Borderlands Sponsor FAQs

How do I become a Borderlands sponsor?
You can sign up to be a Borderlands sponsor in person while you're in the store, over the telephone anytime during open hours by calling 415 824-8203, or by using our online form at -- just click on "Get Your [Current Year] Borderlands Sponsorship Now" from the home page.

How much is a sponsorship?
From 2015 to 2020, a sponsorship costs $100.  We hope to keep it at that price but it may be necessary to increase it in the future.

Can I buy a partial sponsorship?
Sponsorships are only available in one-year increments, running for the calendar year January through December.  You may, however, purchase a sponsorship at any time during a calendar year.

Do I get a discount on books with my sponsorship?
Since the point of the sponsorships is to financially support the store, offering discounts would sort of defeat the purpose.  We do, however, offer free advance reading copies to our sponsors, and frequently give out both advance and finished copies of books at our Sponsor Socials.

What cool benefits do I get?
Lots and lots!  In addition to the bookstore continuing to exist, we offer our sponsors reserved seats at authors signings, private hang-outs with famous authors, special talks by experts in a variety of fascinating fields, exclusive Sponsor-branded merchandise, picnics, quarterly parties, package acceptance service, the opportunity to rent the bookstore at our cost before or after business hours for private events, a variety of themed tours, a private Wi-Fi network during all open hours, and many others!  Check out for the whole list.

Can I buy a sponsorship in the name of my business, my corgi, or my houseplants?
Only individual, natural persons may purchase sponsorships.  No companies, pets, or individual shared sponsorships are permitted. However, you can purchase a "Plus One" sponsorship for an additional $100, which allows you to share benefits of a sponsorship with a person or various people you designate under specific circumstances.  And, if you'd like to give a sponsorship to another person as a gift, that's totally great!  You can also purchase a "scholarship" sponsorship, to be given to a deserving person who cannot afford it themselves.  Ask us for more details about "Plus One", gift, or scholarship sponsorships.

Can I bring a guest to all of the sponsor events?
Due to limited capacity at many of our events, we sometimes limit attendance to the named sponsor only.  However, some of our events do allow for one guest when you RSVP.  We'll be specific about which events allow guests, but if you have a question about a particular event, please feel free to ask us!

How do I prove that I am a sponsor?
When you become a sponsor, we will give you a sponsorship card.  Your name will also be added to our online list of sponsors for the year, unless you request anonymity.  You prove your status either by showing your card or, if you're at the store, we can look you up by name.

Do I need to bring my sponsorship card for special events?
Nope - we only ask that you RSVP for many of our events due to our limited space capacity.  Your sponsor card helps with identification, but it is not necessary to carry.

What happens if I lose my sponsorship card?
You may email us directly at and a new card can be held in-store for you to pick up, or sent out to you.