Thursday, December 15, 2016

Pre-Order 2017 Sponsorships

Hello Dear Sponsors,

I hope that December is treating you all very, very well.  We've been busy around the shop (which is a great thing) and it's made us very happy to see so many of you out and about.

As promised, the web page is ready for you to pre-order your 2017 sponsorships.  The link is .  As you will see there, your credit card will not be charged until January 1st, 2017.

If you would prefer to stop by in person to renew, you're welcome to do so but . . . it's a little bit easier for us if you do so by credit card or by check.  We'll take cash (of course!) but it takes a little extra handling.

Likewise, if you want to mail a check, please do -- but, if you would post-date it January 1st, 2017, that will make things easier for us.  And yes, all this hoop-jumping is to keep the taxes simple and the tax-folks happy.

Thank you all for your support through 2016 and thank you for considering the same for 2017.  I think that we're doing something really wonderful with the sponsor program but, moreso, I think that we are doing something really wonderful with Borderlands.  We've made a place that feels like home to so many people (for example, we hosted our third wedding at the shop just a few weeks ago).  Given that the world may seem like a darker and scarier place right now, I and the rest of the staff consider it an honor to be able to give people a sense of comfort and belonging.

And I'm honored by the faith you've shown me with your trust and belief that we can keep going strong.

I hope that this month and the New Year bring you joy, peace, love and all that you could possibly wish.

Warmest Regards,

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