Monday, October 30, 2017

Building Update #8 - Right Down to the Wire

Funds on Deposit - $1,777,500              Days Left - 1


Of course this whole thing had to end up with a photo-finish.  And, of course, this couldn't end on any day other than Halloween.  I mean really . . . why did any of us think otherwise?

As you can see above, we are really, truly, awful goddam close.  But we're not quite there yet.

I fully expect that I'll see one or two deposits at the bank tomorrow that will take us right across the $1.8 million line.  As soon as I see them, I'll let you all know.

If I don't see those deposits, don't worry.  I'm not going to let a measly $22,500 stop us after we've raised so much.  That figure can be covered by the deposit reserve that I have at the store.  It can also probably be covered if all of us at the bookstore clean out our rainy-day reserves.  There are a dozen ways we can raise that in time.

But, dammit, I really hoped to be writing a different note today.

However, see my comment above -- it kind of had to work out this way.

As a good friend often says, "Now that's out of the way, how about a bright, shiny change of topic?"

What Do We Do First?
Dan, our realtor, asked me a couple days ago, "So, once escrow is closed and Bruce has his stuff out of there, what's the first thing you're going to do?"

In reply, I asked, "Do you mean in general or with the retail space?"

He chuckled and said he was asking about the retail space.

"First off, a lotta people, a lotta beer, a lotta whisky, and probably some pizza," was my answer.

It's true.  I don't have a date yet but, once we've got the place, we have to christen it with a bit of a party.  I'll let you all know when that'll be, but you should probably circle your calendars somewhere around November 30th.  Escrow is set to close on the 14th and then Bruce (the owner of the building and the record shop) has 15 days to get his stuff out and leave the place broom clean.  (I think he'll be excited to do that.  He wanted the deal to close in 30 days and was kind enough to give us 35.)  That takes us to the 29th.

But, even before that, there's some work I want to get done in the back.  All the ivy on the retaining walls needs to go.  First off, it's stopping us from getting a really good look at the condition of the walls.  Second, it's killing the tree that overhangs the back yard.  Finally, per our garden consultant, we can't have it back there if we want anything else to grow well. If any of you would like to spend an afternoon tearing down ivy, keep that in mind.  I'm not sure when we'll be doing it but I'll set a date once we've settled all the details about closing escrow.  As well as getting the work done, it'll be a chance for you to take a look around the place, check out the backyard and basement (not at all as creepy as the one on Valencia St. I'm glad/sad to say), and generally get a feel for the place.  That'll probably be either right before or right after Thanksgiving.

That's about all I've got for you this evening.  I'll be in touch tomorrow as soon as I can.  For now, I'm going to get myself around a couple of beers and call it a night.

All Best,

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