Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sponsor Letter May 5th, 2015

Hi Everyone,

Here's the month's news for Borderlands Sponsors.  Not too much this time but, I think, one or two things of interest.  Starting with a job offer.

"Notable local author is looking for a personal assistant. The position is part-time and primarily work from home, but must get to East Bay once a week and have own car, computer, and internet access. Please send resume to"

The author in question also happens to be a Sponsor, which is why I'm sending this out to you all.  And, please, don't ask me who it is -- I ain't gonna tell.  But I will say that I think they'll be a fun employer and that the job could include trips to genre conventions.

As I mentioned in my last note, the next Sponsor Social will be on Saturday, June 27th, from 7 pm to 11 pm in the Cafe.  You're welcome to bring a guest and RSVPs are appreciated.  Like the last one, this Social will be pot luck and BYOB, but don't feel pressured to bring anything -- there will definitely be enough to go around.  I'm working on a few things by way of special treats.  As of now, they include more behind-the-scenes tours of the shop, a wine tasting with our friends at Pat Paulson Vineyards <>, and advance reading copies of forthcoming books from our publishing friends.  I'm also betting we'll have our sponsor-only baseball T-shirts for sale that evening as well.

Speaking of shirts, I'm trying to decide what proportion of sizes to get and I'd really appreciate some help.  If you're even considering getting a shirt, would you drop me an email with your T-shirt size and gender?  If enough people reply, I'll be able to get a real-world sample of the size distribution which will help my ordering a bunch.  And, don't worry, I'm not going to take a reply as a promise that you'll buy one.

The last piece of business is this -- during the original rush of sign-ups several Sponsors purchased "scholarship" sponsorships that they requested we distribute to folks who had been unable to become sponsors for financial reasons.  Universally these generous donors requested that preference be given to younger people who were interested in writing.  After giving some thought to the question of how to choose recipients for them, I decided to first reach out to all of you for nominations.

If you know someone who is younger, interested in writing, and in a financial situation that prevents them purchasing a sponsorship, please forward this information to them.  I will be selecting eight people to receive these "scholarship" sponsorships.  Individuals interested in being chosen should send an essay written by the applicant explaining why one of the following genres are important to literary or intellectual culture: science fiction, fantasy, horror or mystery.  The is no minimum or maximum length and the essay submitted may have been previously used for academic or commercial purposes.  The deadline for submissions will be June 30th, 2015. Please email submissions to

If we don't grant all the scholarships to people referred by you, my next step will be to contact the local high school and college creative writing programs.

As always, thank you for your attention and support.

Warm Regards,

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