Friday, December 1, 2017

20th Anniversary Hoodie

I tried to find a better model but the choices this afternoon were . . . limited.  So you're stuck with me.  To give an idea of sizing, I'm 6' 1" and weigh about 135 lbs (yes, I am, in fact one scrawny, bean-pole of a bookseller).  The hoodie I'm wearing is a extra large (I normally wear a large).  They really are cut for quite a trim fit.

Here's the rear, which is the best part (arguably of both the hoodie and yours truly).

And here's a closer view of Michelle Rapp's lovely design.

Really, I'm very happy to be modeling this hoodie.  Really.  I'm . . . happy.  You will note that the logo on the front indicates that this is the sponsors' only version (as if the embroidery didn't give it away).

I have a long neck and most hoodies don't actually cover my head properly.  They end up looking like the beanie version of a hood.  Not so with this one.  I can actually do the full-on, "dark, cowled figure" in this get up*.  The hood here is actually pulled back a bit so you can see my "Welcome to Borderlands, please check your cash, soul and weapons at the door" smile.

Seriously though, they really are pretty darn nice hoodies and we're only going to do one more run of them, so email your order to soon.

* Note: The "full-on, dark, cowled figure look"(tm) assumes appropriate shadows and stormy sky in the background.  Why do they make bookstores so darn bright?  It completely cramps my style.

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